Branded Gear for Hybrid Workers

  • Apr 29, 2021

This year working will look a little different across the board. Some people will be returning to the workplace full-time, while others will continue to work from home. 

But for those adopting the hybrid workplace model—whether temporarily or as a permanent change—these items can set your team up for success as they go back and forth between two locations.

Keep organized

Shuttling back and forth between what are effectively two offices—the home office and the workplace office—presents organizational challenges for hybrid workers. Forgetting an important device or a key set of notes can mess up a whole workday.


A backpack with a designated computer pocket to keep laptops safe from bumps and dings during transport can go a long way toward keeping employees organized. With a key fob, additional pockets, organizational panels, or compression straps to keep gear in place, a branded company backpack can turn keeping office supplies in one place into a daily habit.


Likewise, look to a tech pack to keep charging cables, wireless earbuds, and other gear from getting lost. A designated notebook with wireless charging capacities can ensure work notes don’t get left behind. Use accompanying apps to upload notes to the cloud—and access them from anywhere.

Seek versatile clothes

One of the biggest apparel trends of 2020 was comfortwear—and we don’t see the enthusiasm for it dropping off anytime soon. But if employees are spending some time in the office, upgrades in professional attire will be needed.

Look to soft, jersey-knit sweaters to strike a balance between comfort and corporate style. Quarter-zip cardigans make for versatile, professional wear and easy layering. And jersey-knit materials can combine two different colors for a unique twist, such as a heather blue. Consider adding a company logo to the chest pocket to complete the look.

Microfleece vests also offer a cozy, professional option to see staff through to warmer months. And let’s be honest—indoor chill means some people will still want to keep a convenient extra layer easily accessible even as the weather warms. Look for vests that incorporate side stretch to decrease bulk and enhance a more tailored fit.

Branded, packable umbrellas can keep employees dry during the rainy commute, while also showing off your logo. And don’t forget about washable face masks in company colors.

Stay nourished

Help employees stay nourished and hydrated on days when they’re in the office. Look for BPA-free lunch boxes made of glass or bamboo—or lined with stainless steel for easy cleaning. Two-tiered portable food storage options make it easy to keep a cold salad separate from a warmed pasta.


Likewise, travel mugs offer highly visible branding opportunities—and an eco-friendly way to bring coffee to work. Choose from camping-style mugs with handles and lids, vacuum-insulated containers that will keep beverages piping hot (or cold!) hours into the workday, or stainless steel tumblers with leak-proof lids.


Reusable water bottles offer myriad styles and material options. Find one that fits with your company’s brand image and choose from a large selection of colors. Threaded lids and locking mechanisms prevent leaks, while spout shields protect built-in straws from accidental drops or prolonged air exposure.

Ease the transition

There’s a lot of excitement around returning to the workplace—and there are a lot of nerves, too. The last year has been filled with major upheavals for everyone across the globe. Many workers support the idea of hybrid work, but it’s still going to require a transition period as everyone gets used to a new way of doing things.


Help your staff adjust (and welcome them back!) with branded gear that lets them stay organized, comfortable, and nourished.

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