Golf and Race Season Are Here: Thrill Participants and Sponsors

  • Apr 15, 2021

Golf tournament and 5k season has arrived! Here’s everything you need for branded items that participants will share photos of on social media. 

The added bonus of having must-keep items for participants? Sponsors will love the long-term exposure and impressions.


We’re out of winter—but haven’t truly arrived in summer yet. Jackets are still key to helping bridge the gap, especially for outdoor athletes who might otherwise be dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.


A lightweight rain jacket that’s easily packable in case of a sudden cold drizzle can help meet the needs of runners and golfers caught in a spring storm. 


Softshell rain jackets also make a great choice. The softshell layer is breathable, meaning that if you’re exercising while wearing the jacket, your body heat can rise through the jacket and away—and doesn’t leave you feeling clammy.

Performance Tees

A longtime favorite of athletic events everywhere, performance tees and tops are a necessity for just about everyone who gets active outside—and those who don’t.


Whether as T-shirts, tanks, long sleeves (for sun protection!), or polos, performance or athletic shirts differ from generic wear because they’re designed to help athletes regulate body temperature. 


Most come with “moisture-wicking” properties, meaning they help draw sweat away from the skin so that it can evaporate, which lets participants stay cooler when exercising in hot weather. Although moisture-wicking shirts may have first been used by elite athletes, they can improve anyone’s experience while exercising, making them wildly popular. 


Performance tees may also come with antimicrobial finishes, which cut down on odor-causing bacteria—an obvious plus for anyone working up a sweat. These shirts allow runners, golfers, and other race participants to feel fresh longer. A bonus? You can fit a bunch of sponsor names on the back of a t-shirt, and recipients will advertise them all over town.


Another important component to any race or tournament? Staying hydrated!


Excite participants with water bottles and hydration packs that they can incorporate into their training long after the event is finished. Select for style, customization, and purpose: stainless steel bottles are durable, BPA-free plastic is lightweight, and vacuum-sealed products promise to keep beverages cold for hours—even in the heat.


Hydration-pack-compatible backpacks are also sure to be a hit. Not only do hydration packs tend to hold far more water than the average water bottle, but the drinking tube means contestants don’t have to stop what they’re doing to grab a few sips of water. 


Backpacks that can hold a hydration pack make getting enough water even easier.


Keep the sun out of your participants’ eyes with a well-fitted hat. Caps and visors bring some much-needed shade on a hot day—which can make all the difference for placing a shot at a golf tournament. And on rainy days, they’re just as valuable, preventing runners from having to squint as they go.


Choose from a range of profiles, designs, and materials. Moisture-wicking properties can help keep sweat out of your participants’ eyes and internal sweatbands can make for a more secure fit. Mesh material on the back of the hat helps enhance breathability.


Many athletes who train for golf tournaments and 5k races view the event as a highlight they want to remember. Racing bibs and golf balls are saved—and so is gear. Some events even help to raise money for nonprofits and causes participants feel connected to.


Thrill your participants with gear they’ll want to keep—as much for the quality as the memories. 


And your sponsors will also remember when their logos are featured on social media and in training that continues long after the event has ended.

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