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  • May 13, 2021

While a lot of things looked different last year, one thing didn’t: how much people loved getting branded tech. 

Here’s what’s on the “most wanted” list, plus promos that are going to become a daily staple.

Gear to help you stay clean

The pandemic has made us all think a lot more about germs and what we touch during a day. At the top of many people’s most-touched list is their phone. In fact, a 2016 study by Dscout showed that the average cell phone user touches their phone 2,617 times per day. That’s a lot of opportunities to transfer germs.


Fortunately, there are affordable, branded tech solutions that can help clean your phone—and don’t involve finding the last bottle of rubbing alcohol or sanitizing wipes at the pharmacy.


Take the UV sanitizing case. Lift the lid as you would a cigar box and place your phone inside. UV-C light then kills 99% of microorganisms on your phone—and it also works on keys or pretty much anything that isn’t much bigger than a large cell phone. 


The lid of the sanitizing case offers an excellent branding opportunity. Clients will see your logo every time they open it to place items inside—and it can double as a wireless phone charger. All in all, these tech essentials make a strong promo gift choice. 


For example, an accounting firm can show their concern for clients’ well-being by offering branded UV sanitizing cases to their top clients. The cases make a relevant gift that will see a lot of use—and create positive brand associations. 


For the company that wants to offer a selection of health-related gift options, another popular item to consider is a UV sanitizing wand. It’s no larger than a car key and can easily fit in anyone’s bag or pocket.

Tech gifts for flexible lifestyles

As staff return to offices—whether full-time or in a hybrid format of remote and in-person work—employers are looking for gifts to welcome them back and expand a sense of team enthusiasm as we enter yet another version of the new normal.

And branded gifts that reflect the techy nature of work-from-home solutions make a good choice. For instance, a publishing company can welcome their employees to a hybrid work model with wireless charging pads for phones and tablets. These convenient, timely gifts reflect our desire for enhanced flexibility as we go about our lives—and offer the opportunity for prominent branding on the face of the pad.

Employers can also take a more work-centric focus with a mouse pad that charges a wireless mouse—and a phone.

On-the-go communication tools

As the weather gets warmer, more people will be heading outside—and looking for tech that can accommodate busy lives. 


Show appreciation for your clients with gifts that acknowledge their need to multitask—such as fitting in a phone call while out walking the dog—or help them accommodate spouses who are still working remotely by listening to music or an online yoga class with headphones.


For example, a law firm that represents business clients could thank these busy entrepreneurs with wireless earbuds that have the law firm’s name on the case. Whether juggling tasks at home or enjoying a breath of fresh air, clients know that hands-free Zoom meetings, phone calls, and music and podcast-listening let us all do more with our days. And they’ll see the law firm’s name every time they take their earbuds from their charging case.

Tech solutions


Creative, tech-based solutions protect valuable time and health. Give relevant, exciting gifts—and get your company name out there—with branded tech that offers UV sanitization, wireless charging, and on-the-go communication. Clients and staff will thank you.

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