Think Spring: Branded Promos to Fit the Season

  • Apr 22, 2021

Fresh air, sunshine, and new growth? Spring is here—and so are branded promos that celebrate the season.

Spring this year is all about pastels and muted colors, items to get you ready for warm weather activities, and branded gear to get you through the rainy spring months.

Pastel colors

As flower buds and leaves emerge, so do classic springtime pastels. Reflective of the early growth of color on the land, these muted tones bring to mind fresh blooms and new beginnings.


Incorporate these colors into branded apparel gifts, such as a pale robin’s-egg-blue oxford shirt with a wrinkle-resistant finish that can stand up to a full day in the office as people return to work. Likewise, a light mint-green polo shirt can make for versatile use—at the desk or while taking a break to socially distance in the park.


Travel coffee mugs offer another great option to celebrate muted tones, with options in slate gray, linen, frosted blue, or a surprising deep navy that’s just a few shades away from black. 

Warm weather

And as the weather warms, expect people to head outside in earnest. Springtime activities are picking up—including recreational sporting events.


Golf fans are hitting the links and tournaments are returning. As people celebrate the renewal of unfettered outdoor time, promo opportunities abound. Consider visors and caps that help golfers see when teeing off—rain or shine. 


Competition races are heating up too. Whether they’re walking a 5k to support the local hospital or training for a half marathon that raises funds for neighborhood nonprofits, race participants—and sponsors—can find their stride with branded gear. Moisture-wicking performance shirts and ball caps are sure to be a hit as the heat builds—but don’t forget about classic fleece pants or knit hoodies to see athletes through the lingering cold.

Picnic season

Expect families and clusters of friends to be hitting the beach and the park in droves. Sunscreen sticks or small-scale squeeze bottles that can clip onto the outside of a bag will see serious fresh-air time, as will outdoor wellness kits with bug repellant, after-bite spray, and hand sanitizer.


Cloth tote bags will continue to be regularly used. Add a twist to the classic with tote bags designed for picnicking—think side pocket for a small cutting board, pouches for wine bottles, and the ability to keep utensils from rattling around the bottom of the bag.


Coolers will be in high demand, too. Select for purpose and clients by choosing among sizes, colors, styles, and features. Rolling coolers for easy transport, event coolers that can double as a seat, or coolers with cup holders on the lid all make for season-appropriate promos—and highly visible brand logos.

Rainy spring days

Part of the bargain with spring is that the weather can turn on a dime and blue skies can open up with spring showers.


Incorporate the surprise burst of rain into your promo planning with umbrellas of all types. Fold-ups are always convenient for on-the-go travel, but since many people will still be spending large quantities of time at home this spring, look for oversized umbrellas to become a staple. Not only do they provide more of a dry area from which to socially distance, but they also offer a larger canvas for logos and branding imprints.


Similarly, many people will be counting on rain jackets to see them through the months of moody weather. Take advantage of color choices and styles to reflect your brand—and look to features like zippered waterproof pockets, adjustable cuffs, and well-fitted hoods to offer flexibility in keeping up with all the changes of the spring season.

Bright skies ahead


Spring is the season everyone gets excited about because it means a transition out of the long quiet of winter and into times of warmer weather and more social activities. Make sure your brand and logo get fresh air with promo gear that celebrates pastel tones and warm weather recreation—and plans for that lingering bit of rain.


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