What’s Old Is New Again: Bringing Back the Best

  • May 6, 2021

After a challenging year, the arrival of vaccine rollouts and warm spring days has us all feeling hopeful. People are celebrating with bright, loud colors—and a sense of nostalgia for the pre-pandemic past.


Today’s fashion trends reflect this moment: tie-dye and trucker hats are back.

Bright colors are back

Although the techniques in tie-dye have been used for over a thousand years, tie-dye as we think of it today first made a splash in America in the 1960s. Bright and attention-grabbing, with no two patterns exactly the same, it soon became synonymous with peace, love, and music.


Today’s tie-dye echoes the hope of the 1960s and ushers in a palette full of color just in time for the start of summer. Rainbow tie-dyed T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies offer a selection of classic fashion pieces as people celebrate the chance to strut their stuff—in person and not on Zoom.


You can also embrace a modern twist with pastel tie-dyed loungewear that bridges the gap between working from home and trips to the park or around the neighborhood. You can even bring the dog in on the fun with a tie-dye dog bandana.


And tie-dye’s unique patterns leave space for a personal twist. For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to bold colors, there’s been a surge of all-blue tie-dye on face masks, gaiters, and notebooks.


Celebrate the moment—and bring new clients in the door—with gifts everyone wants. For example, an orthodontist’s office could offer brightly tie-dyed gaiters to new clients. Or a brew pub could offer tie-dye bandanas as an added perk for clients who buy into their mug club.

On-trend gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

Take a year of heavily outdoor socializing, add in the start of summer, and the result is people doubling down on their enthusiasm for the outdoors. Tap into the excitement with gifts that celebrate time outside—and current trends.


A law office welcoming employees back to in-person work could surprise staff with gifts that evoke summer fun. What better way to hit the park and the trails than with a collapsable, silicone water bottle in bright tie-dye colors? Extend the water bottle to its full size to fill it up, and collapse it to a smaller, streamlined shape when empty. Anyone who’s ever undergone an outdoor adventure with kids knows how valuable backpack space is—but adults will also appreciate this clever, space-saving design.


And don’t forget to complete your outdoor kit with a tie-dye fanny pack or drawstring backpack for the essentials.

Versatile gear for warmer weather

As the days grow warmer and longer, protect your eyes and face from the sun with a restyled trucker hat. They’re experiencing a surge in popularity and come in many different colors and designs. 


With the ability to feature your logo on the front of the hat, they also offer extended branding opportunities—and make a versatile gift for clients or customers as you head into summer.


Choose between a classic, three-quarter mesh look or a fully cloth hat for a new spin on this closet staple. Feature brand colors using, say, a mid-tone blue for the front panel and black for the mesh sides and back. 


Or pick a design that speaks to you—such as an inspiring panorama of mountains. Think jagged, snow-capped peaks against a blue sky—with a black bill, sides, and back. Your clients will draw associations to your company each time they don the hat for an adventure.

Blast from the past

Connect with clients and staff through gifts that tap into our shared present by bringing a modern twist to classic styles from the past. 


And yes, you can get trucker hats in tie-dye.

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